Our Story

Adventuring, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting.

We provide group hikes off leash, some on leash, in the North Shore local parks and mountains where there are always new and interesting places to stimulate dogs’ curiosity. We also offer all day of play and meow visits.  These fun times start in the morning and mid day. You can rest assured your furry friend will receive the time, attention and exercise that he/she deserves and your relaxed dog will show it when you get home.

A life long resident of North Vancouver, owner and operator, Melissa Allan, has been caring for animals since the beginning of time. It is no surprise that she would choose pet sitting and dog walking as her career. Owners have to use her nickname, ‘Mish’, or the first letter of her name, ‘M’, just so their animal doesn’t wait by the front door until she comes to pick them up the next morning.  It’s safe to say, “Dogs are her life!”


Bow Wow Avenue is licensed and insured* and has a working knowledge of caring for pets that can only come with experience. Mish has always been a natural with animals. This gift, combined with a sincere interest in the well being of animals, has given her the ability to develop unique connections with dogs and cats. She is prompt and reliable, strict and attentive; your animals’ temperament and behaviour will show noticeable improvement after a few outings with her. A dog walker and caregiver since the age of eight, Mish offers the experience you can rely on.